The first line of defense is our skin. New Medic Eras portfolio is specialized to heal, protect, repair and improve the dermal tissue.
Sun Control enables for a person to know the time they are safe in the sun. The invention relates to a container with a sunscreen agent, equipped with a sun sensor of photochromic ink under the cap. When the cap is removed, the sensor is exposed to sunlight and contributes a quick reaction of the photochromic ink to the current UV intensity. The ink switching to the corresponding hue.
The container further comprises a color-reference range for comparative reading of the sensor hue to enable the determination of UV intensity.
Further, the container is provided with a skin-type indicator for determining the skin type of a specific user, and a time indicator for determining the period of time during which a person of a specific skin type can expose his or her skin to solar radiation at said determined UV intensity without suffering from sunburn.
The combination of the sun sensor and time-table, along with information on the skin type and the sun-protection factor of the lotion, results in the unique product and protection.
A user can easily and quickly determine for how long it is safe to stay in the sun without getting sunburn. Being able to tan safely is a need for new and improved products for the purpose. Just the U.S. sun care market size is expected to reach USD 2.68 billion by 2025, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc.



INFUZION is conducted with the use of a cataphoresis process by which the substance is diffused through the tissue and fluids of the skin to improve its structure.
Infuzion System is a new generation of iontophoresis. The device is fixated with a syringe containing 5 ml of the substance with a formulated cocktail; Skin Boozter. This product is especially developed for the Infuzion System in terms of high molecular weight and pH value. It has a flux into the dermis, into the skin cells and their surroundings.
The top of the syringe is set with a special developed roller, replacing the otherwise used needle. These are then fixated on the device. The patient holds a handle connected to the device in one hand.

By starting the device, the roller is loaded with current and when it touches the skin, it flows the content in the syringe into the dermis through the hair follicle and the sweat glands.
The roller is in practice stroked onto the facial skin. The treated person is at the same time holding a handle connected to the device. This ensures that the current is driven from the roller onto the face down to the handle being hold in the hand. The content in the syringe is driven so far as into the epidermis, inside the skin cells as well as the surroundings.

A full treatment lasts for approximately 6 months.